How Long Until Loan Settlement?

Once the unconditional approval offer has been obtained from the lender, their legal team is instructed to prepare the official loan documents and book settlement. As local mortgage specialists, we know this is an exciting time and one that we enjoy as much as you will.

  • Preparation of loan documents: +3 days

    These will be mailed to you by the lender via express post.

  • Orange helps you review and sign: + 3 days

    We sit down with you to explain the loan documents and help you sign them up properly.  It’s important not to make any mistakes as it can slow down settlement.

  • Originals posted back to the bank: +2 days

    Originals need to be posted back to the bank and depending on Australia Post can take 2-3 days

  • The bank will review original loan documents: +2 days

    The bank will review the original loan documents and assuming all is OK, will liaise with your settlement agent to book a settlement date. If you are buying a property, you will usually have a maximum date as specific in the contract of sale. To go back and refresh a step, read ahead for how long the bank usually takes to get to this stage.

  • Settlement: +5 days

    In this time, you need to do your final inspection and transfer funds to your settlement agent.

  • Congratulations, you are ready to move in.

    After settlement, you can collect the keys from the agent and start to move in.

  • Total time: +15 business days

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