How long does the whole process take

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How long does a home loan application take?

We have created the below timelines to help explain the different steps involved from application to settlement. We find it helps clients understand the timing of each step involved and what is required from the different parties involved.

Of course, we will keep you informed throughout the entire process.

  1. We send you a questionnaire: +1 day:   We need to ask you relevant information about your current financial position and what loan features you are interested in. This should take you between 10-15 minutes to complete.
  2. We run some calculations: +2 days: We make some recommendations based on your requirements from your answers to the questionnaire. We review the market to match you with a suitable product.
  3. We sit down with you: + 1 day: We discuss the recommendations with you and make sure we have all the correct information we need to submit an application. If you are happy with our recommendation, you sign the loan application specific to the lender you have chosen.
  4. You organise the documents required: +1 day: We give you a list of documents that we will need to submit with the loan application to the selected lender.
  5. We review the documentation: +1 day: We check to make sure all supporting documents have been supplied.
  6. We submit the application to the lender: +1 day: Formal submission of loan application to the selected lender.

Total 7 days required